The Birth of Double Happiness


Ludovic Woerth

"The Birth of Double Happiness"

Signed into FB today and I saw something at the top of the screen that made me pause for a while;
It said simply; "Happy birthday Ludovic Woerth".
Having been around wingsuit flying for a few years and known a fairly unhealthy number of people who won't experience the pleasure of any further birthday wishes and also not being an avid FB user, these somewhat ironic greetings to the dear departed tend to pass me by quite often.Today though was one of those times when it stopped me in my tracks and I started to remember.
I didn't really know Ludo very well at all, I first met him in 2012 at the WWL grand prix in China and again in 2013 at the same place where I was working for red bull in photographing the event. I wasn't a great friend of his and neither do I have any great stories about him, I'm not a BASE jumper and have never even skydived but still I have this connection to him that even though I have met and photographed many truly great pilots over the years since, for me he is still someone quite special and unique.
He was the first person I ever saw fly, quite simply that.....

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